North Texas government workers have mixed feelings about end to shutdown

The short-term fix of the government shutdown came as mixed news for government workers in North Texas. While it signals they'll be paid soon, another shutdown looms on the horizon.

On the day workers at Love Field and airports across the country missed their second paycheck, the deal offered a glimmer of hope. However, morale is hardly back to normal.

To some degree, it was the news Terry Donaldson and other air traffic controllers nationwide were hoping for due to finally be paid for the work they've been doing to keep travelers safe for the past month. Although, it's far from stability.

“While the agreement today is positive, we have to keep our focus on the short-term nature of the agreement,” he said. “Hopefully, we're not coming back to another government shutdown in February.”

Perhaps, the most vocal group of federal workers throughout the shutdown has been those who keep the airports and planes safe. They've leafletted at DFW Airport and warned of safety and travel impacts, including delays that hit some northeast airports hours before a shutdown fix came together.

Sandra Felix and Rudy Garcia are local TSA union leaders.

“I’m glad they're open for the simple reason the people will get their paychecks,” Garcia said.

“For myself and many of my coworkers, it’s been nothing but frustration and stress to the point they're being affected health-wise,” Felix said.

Workers have gotten mixed signals as to when they'll finally get back pay. They are hopeful it's within the next few days.