North Texas girl breaks down in tears after meeting baby sister

A North Texas mom captured the sweet moment her 8-year-old daughter finally got to meet her newborn sister.

Courtney Brooks gave birth to Charleigh on Oct. 2 after an emergency C-section. Since the newborn had to stay in the NICU, the hospital limited any visitors under 14 as a precaution during flu season.

Charleigh’s older siblings, Presley and Reef, were eager to meet their new baby sister but had to wait until she was out of the NICU.

After the kids got home from school on Thursday, Courtney decided to surprise them after Charleigh was finally able to leave the hospital and go to their Melissa home.

Courtney recorded the sweet moment when Presley saw her baby sister and started crying tears of joy.

“Tears!” Presley said as she ran up to finally hold her baby sister. She had no words to describe how she felt, but her reaction said it all.

Baby Charleigh was in NICU for 16 days but is now in good health.