North Texas gamer helps save life of friend online in United Kingdom

A friendly connection between two online gamers took on new meaning after one of them quite possibly saved the other's life.

The incredible thing is they live on two different continents. The teenager who was in distress lives in the United Kingdom while the young woman who took action to help is a North Texan.

It was an emergency call in early January made 5,000 miles away.

"Hi I'm calling from the US and I'm on a call with my friend, he had a seizure and he's not responding anymore.”

Avid gamer Dia Lathora was home in Richardson when she heard something seriously troubling going on with her gamer friend Aiden Jackson at his home in the town of Widnes, England. 

"When someone has a seizure someitimes they have auditory cues which sounds like they are choking or gasping or crying out and he was doing all of those,” Lathora said. "I called to him from the moment I started hearing those sounds. ‘Hey are you ok, you need to answer me.’ Then I started looking at how to get him help."

Dia quickly turned to Google.

"I had like 15 tabs open on my Google, different information, from the non-emergency lines of his exact area, how to call the number,” Lathora said. "Finally after 40 minutes of searching I found the ability to talk to a real person.”

Jackson, 17, is now doing well. He was on the phone during FOX4’s interview with Dia.

"Its just a complete gap, I had no idea what happened at all until I came around,” Jackson said.

Jackson said since the incident he's been diagnosed with epilepsy and he is under doctor’s care with treatment and a management plan for the illness.

The two have been online gaming friends for two years and met face to face for the first time in New York two weeks ago. Aiden was able to thank her for what she did.

"Because we've had this connection for so long I count Dia as one of my best friends. I have so much trust in her, not only from this experience but before that. I trusted her with my life in general so the fact that my life was potentially on the line and she saved it, it breeds even more trust for her,” Jackson said.

Dia kept her cool 5000 miles away and for as long as it took to help.

"I stayed on that call probably longer than I should've just trying to make sure he was okay. I stayed on until he was gone and even then tried to talk with his parents,” Lathora said. “It all worked out to be a perfect storm.”