North Texas first responders to start getting the COVID-19 vaccine next week

Texas is expected to receive the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine next week, with more than 620,000 doses set to be delivered statewide.

Others will get a second round of the Pfizer vaccine.

More than 100 locations in North Texas, including fire departments, will get shipments of the Moderna vaccine as early as Monday.

This week in medicine has been historic with the rollout of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

In a couple of days, Moderna's vaccine will join the list and arrive in North Texas.

"To date, we are the only Denton County fire department that is receiving an allocation of the vaccine," said Brandon Barth, who is an emergency management officer for the Flower Mound Fire Department.

The Flower Mound Fire Department will get 500 doses of the Moderna vaccine in the next week.

With less than 200 in the department, they have plans to share doses with other fire departments in Denton County.

"As supply and demand allows, we will also help the other people in our community, such as our police department and other essential folks that are also willing and need the vaccine," Barth explained.

Closeup of the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine in a medical syringe. (Photo by Jeremy Hogan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Multiple fire departments in North Texas will receive hundreds of doses.

Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd participated in the vaccine trial months ago.

His department expects their shipment of 200 doses Monday.

Frisco, Wylie, and Arlington fire departments will also receive shipments of the vaccine.

"Outside of the clinical setting, firefighter paramedics are going into homes and residences where multiple people may be infected with COVID-19, and you are also transporting sick individuals in the back of an ambulance, a rather confided area," Barth said.

Other locations that will receive the next round of the vaccines include pharmacy locations at places like Kroger and Tom Thumb.

The priority is still for frontline healthcare workers and the most vulnerable populations, like those in nursing homes.

Flower mound officials are still trying to decide how the vaccine rollout will go in Denton County.

"Whether it’s a walk-thru clinic, a drive-thru clinic, or we go to them clinic, we’re working through all of that, but we expect a quick turnaround," Barth explained. "We expect once we have the shipment, within 24 hours, we will begin vaccinating all of the people who are willing."

Health officials are a bit more flexible with handling the Moderna vaccine because it does not have to be held at super freezing temperature like the Pfizer vaccine.