North Texas couple among the first volunteers to participate in COVID-19 vaccine trial

Phase three trials for a COVID-19 vaccine are well underway with several North Texans choosing to participate to help create a viable vaccine. One couple is among the first volunteers for the trial.

When John and veronica Seidenstein saw volunteers were needed for the final trials for a possible COVID-19 vaccine, both jumped at the opportunity to be among the first to get a vaccine.

“I’m high risk, and she's frontline. She works in a public school district,” John said. “And I'm type-two diabetic and high blood pressure, and neither of us have seen our older family members since this started.”

Because of John’s health conditions, their family has been taking other precautions, like wearing masks and not going out for months.

“You feel helpless with this thing going on. I don't care who you are, even if you don't believe in COVID, you still feel helpless,” John said. “Because the economy's got problems. Things are closed and this is like the only thing you can do that makes you not helpless.”

The couple says after consulting with their doctors and family members, they felt safe participating in Phizer’s phase three trials.

After a medical screening and a blood draw, they got their first shots Aug. 1 and will go back on the 20th for a booster shot. They’re also tracking any symptoms through an app on their phones. So far, they haven’t had any issues.

“Track for a week how you're feeling. You have a little app on your phone that you track for a week, take your temperature. Very simple, very easy,” Veronica said.

“And we still don't know if we had it. We either get the placebo or you get the vaccines,” John said. “So still a 50/50 chance, whether we got one or the other but still a 50/50 chance.”

They hope to help speed the process of finding a vaccine along.

COVID-19 vaccine trials are happening in Fort Worth, Keller and Houston. Participants are still needed.

Anyone who is interested in participating in a vaccine trial can call (817) 348-0228 or visit