North Texas city begins offering free medical and dental services to residents

A small city south of Dallas is aiming to provide free basic health care to everyone who lives there.

The city of Ferris is hosting a clinic with free dental services Friday and Saturday. It’s called Operation Ferris.

It’s a preview of a health care program that could possibly serve as a model for other communities.

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Volunteers are bringing free checkups and dental care, targeting the uninsured and under insured residents.

"Something like this really, really helped us out, especially the citizens of Ferris," said Carmen Acosta, a Ferris resident.

In just a few months, MD Pathways will launch a health care program that will include full time contract doctors, nurses and paramedics to provide basic free health care to Ferris residents.

The city will pay MD Pathways $55 per person for those utilizing the health care. That funding comes from federal funding.