North Texas children receive high-tech devices at no cost to improve their vision

Christmas came early for dozens of North Texas kids who are visually impaired.

More than 50 children received devices free of charge that will dramatically change their lives from a non-profit, Sight Savers, that provides eye care and low vision services at no cost.

“I think it's going to give him a lot more confidence, especially in his school work and his reading ability,” said mother Amy Hardwick.

Each family took home a device that enhances contrast and magnifies objects up to 118 times. It would otherwise cost about $2,500 each, but the families didn't pay a dime.

“I can use it to read stuff that's not in brail,” said Casey Cureton.

Cassandra Beckham, 17, sees more independence in her future.

“Things that I usually need help with doing, like my hair and my makeup,” Beckham said.

Her dad hopes it relieves the neck and back pain she's developed from bending over too close to read.

“She wants to go to college and be a history teacher, man this is going to be awesome,” Mike Beckham said.

Ava Olson, 11, is familiar with being limited by her sight.

“Everybody is shooting up their hand and I'm just sitting there,” Olson said.

She's extra appreciative that others see the opportunity to help.

“I'm happy that people actually think to care about people who lost vision,” Olson said.

Sight Savers will continue following up each year with the children and their families and will maintain and repair the equipment as needed. They'll also monitor the child’s progress till they turn 19.