North Texans stocking up for cold weather

North Texans are getting get winter-ready this weekend. Hardware store workers we spoke with are down to their last stock of faucet covers and other winter-proof items for the week.

Rooster Home and Hardwar has seen a steady stream of customers all day, stopping in to buy faucet covers, foundation covers, pipe wrap and insulation to make sure their homes are protected from the cold.

Employees say getting those exposed pipes or faucets around your home covered is a great way to prevent them from freezing or bursting during these cold temperatures.

At Arnold Brothers Forest Products in Irving, customers started lining up even before they opened at 9 Saturday morning. Customers are also stocking up on firewood to make sure they’re warm throughout the weekend.

“We had a line down the street waiting, about 10 people, opened the gates and got it going as fast as we could.” Said Lennon Arnold with Arnold Brothers Forest Products.

“Well we're getting some firewood, we know it's gonna be getting cold, and so we're really excited about just having the fireplace going for the next several days, staying inside.” Said customer Henry Stroup.

Once items are gone from hardware store shelves this weekend, they won’t be getting any more until next week because of the New Year's holiday.