North Texans react to Barbara Bush's failing health

Former First Lady Barbara Bush is in failing health and has decided not to seek any additional medical treatment.

The Bush Family spokesman made the announcement Sunday afternoon. The 92-year-old was admitted to the hospital last week. She recently suffered from congestive heart failure, among other illnesses.

Bush is now back at home in Texas with her family and her focus is on "comfort care."

Both Texas and national leaders are reacted to this news. The White House released a statement saying, "The President's and First Lady's prayers are with all of the Bush family during this time.”

Governor Greg Abbott tweeted Sunday:

George H. W. Bush, released a statement soon after that announcement, stating, "It will not surprise those who knew her that Barbara Bush has been a rock in the face of her failing health."

Families visited the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas Sunday, admiring her service as both first lady and as the mother of a president, one of only two first ladies to be both.

 “She's supportive of her family. She sacrificed for her family. She encouraged her family. In my opinion, she represents everything that her family is,” said Robert Kerr.

The director of the Presidential History Center at SMU knows Barbara personally and says she exudes empathy and warmth, while also being a powerful force politically. Jeff Engel recalls 92-year-old Barbara speaking out during the 2016 presidential primaries, saying she couldn't understand how a woman could vote for then-candidate Donald Trump.

"There's no mincing words with Mrs. Bush. You know exactly where you stand and she is more than willing to tell people exactly where you should stand," said Engel.

“I love the pearls, and I love the fact that she still has her white hair,” said library visitor Katie Heins.

“I love that she championed literacy. We have two little boys that love to read and it's an important thing that everyone learns how to read,” said visitor Jay Hubbs.

Mr. and Mrs. Bush have six children and they've been married longer than any presidential couple. Mr. Bush, himself, has had health issues in recent years. He was released from a Houston hospital this time last year after having pneumonia and chronic bronchitis.

The statement from his office Sunday goes on to say she's surrounded by her family and appreciates kinds wishes and prayers.

The Barbara Bush Foundation also put out a statement, saying, "Our thoughts and prayers are with our founder, Barbara Bush, and her family. She inspires us each day to continue working toward literacy for all."

Next weekend is the fifth anniversary of the George W. Bush Library. A representative for the library says he's not yet sure how this will affect their plans.

Notable people have been expressing their support for the Bush family since the announcement: