North Richland Hills bakery hopes to get back on track after receiving PPP loan

A struggling small business in North Richland Hills that whittled its staff down to one full-time employee is sharing optimism after learning it will receive a Paycheck Protection Program loan.

Sinsational Cakes earned national attention and hit the ground running with a booming bakery. Now, they're hoping a PP loan will help them maintain their business and keep the cakes coming.

The North Richland Hills cake shop’s colorful truck reveals some impressive honors: winners of Cupcake Wars in 2013 and Cake Wars in 2016.

But in the midst of a business-challenged pandemic, the store hit a different milestone. The business was approved for a Payment Protection Program loan.

Sisters Anyatta Ward and Sonji Ward-Jones got the PPP loan they were praying for to help their struggling bakery stay afloat while they work to regain lost business that would’ve come from weddings, parties and special occasions. Now, they are cautiously optimistic.

“Were able to have one employee on deck able to get more supplies, able to pay bills with that,” Ward said. “But we just don’t know how long it’s going to last.”

FOX 4 was with the sisters last week when headlines appeared that the program was tapped out and in need of congressional approval for more funds to continue. The bakery’s application hung in the balance.

After receiving their good news, they’re urging other small businesses to have patience. They also advise to be prepared to prove good record keeping.

 “Getting the paperwork together for the bank, that just let me know it’s good we’re on top of our stuff because you have to have your documents. You have to be accountable,” Ward-Jones said. “They want you to account for everything.”

 The sisters are ready to roll the cupcake truck forward and are thankful for their PPP loan.

“My initial thing is if you believe in prayer, continue to have faith,” Ward-Jones said. “Don’t give up.”