No tips in eight years since East Oak Cliff donut shop murder

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This week marks the eighth year since the murder of an East Oak Cliff donut shop operator.

The crime was captured on tape. But despite the video and the distinctive design on the back of the shooter’s blue jeans, police have never gotten any tips.

For retired Dallas Police Deputy Chief Craig Miller, a trip to the 300 block of East Ledbetter is a sad trip down memory lane.

“The donut shop is no longer here. The other stores that are here in this little shopping center are still the same ones that were here eight years ago yesterday when this incident took place,” Miller said.

Donut shop owner Kee Shun Chung was murdered by two would-be bandits on Dec. 21, 2009.

Surveillance video shows they were in the store 17 seconds and got no money, but Chung was killed anyways. Despite video of the two men, the shooter especially in very distinctive jeans, no tips have ever come to police.

“I believe that these guys talked to someone. Someone out there knows what took place that day and I think it’s just really important for those people to think in their hearts how they would feel about their family if this happened to a loved one,” Miller said.

Miller, who has long since retired from DPD and is now chief of Dallas ISD Police, says this is the one murder he can't leave behind. Of the 750 homicides he was involved in, this one tugs at his heart because of letters written to him by Kim Shun Chung's young daughters.

“They told me that even though they knew I wasn’t Santa Claus they knew I was going to be able to capture the person that did this to their dad,” Miller said. “You do take that personally.”

Miller hopes that a tipster can close an open wound in for the Chung family this Christmas.

“That’s why I think its important today that every anniversary of this murder we come back to it and remember what took place and the people's lives that were impacted,” Miller said.

The $10,000 reward offered eight years ago is still on the table. Anyone with information can call CrimeStoppers at 214-373-8477.