No one speaks out to oppose Dallas tax increase

In a city of 1.2 million people, not a single person showed up to speak at a Dallas public hearing about a tax increase.

“Somebody, anybody please. We’re going to raise your taxes,” Councilman Lee Kleinman said.

The Dallas City Council is now set to approve the tax rate of 78 cents per $100 of property value next Wednesday. It’s the maximum amount allowed by law.

The city manager originally proposed a small tax cut, but council members went a different direction so police and firefighters could get a bonus.

Kleinman has fought for a tax cut every year he has been in office.

“It affects all residents. Renters pay property taxes through their rent,” he said. “When people look to buy or rent in Dallas, one thing that affects is the tax rate. If you look at some of our neighboring suburban cities who don’t have aging infrastructure, their taxes are considerably lower.”

The councilman had proposed $31 million in cuts, which would have amounted to a 3 cent tax cut.