Plano house explosion rocks neighborhood, no injuries reported

No one was hurt, but a lot of neighbors were rattled by a house explosion in west Plano Wednesday night.

The Plano Fire Department said no one was home when the house in the 3700 block of Shantara Lane, near Plano West High School, exploded around 9 p.m.

Some people were in the area walking their dogs at the time, but thankfully they were not injured. And police said no one in a neighboring home that was also damaged was hurt.

"It almost sounded like a car crash or something, just a quick loud burst and that was the end of it," said Terry Slattery, who lives nearby.

"Every neighbor came running out and was like, ‘Was it you? Was it you?’ It was pretty shocking," added Chad Petersen. "Everyone is really blessed. There are a lot of dog walkers, people out around the neighborhood walking and I heard there was some debris, so hopefully everything goes good down there."

Atmos Energy responded and crews turned off gas and electricity after the blast.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

"We literally thought something exploded in the neighborhood," Dana McKool recalled.

Some of the shaken neighbors who watched the commotion said they also smelled gas as they walked closer.

They are relieved no one was inside the house when it exploded.

Most of the damage appeared close to the garage area. The blast was so forceful it blew apart a portion of the garage at the home next door. Thankfully, no one there was injured.

"We’re directly across, but all the windows are fine," Brian Bruce said. "Directly across there, a garage door got blown off."

Bruce and his wife, Susan, whose doorbell cam captured the explosion, spent time cleaning up debris and counting their blessings.

"You never think it’s going to happen to you, in your neighborhood, so it could happen anywhere," Susan Bruce said.