No arrests made in Dallas shootout that killed woman getting daughter ready for prom

Police are still looking for the people responsible for a shootout that killed an innocent woman who was taking her daughter to get a prom dress.     

39-year-old Ana Moreno was killed by this weekend's gunfire that erupted in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood of Dallas.

Three other men were shot, and police sources say they were "intended targets."         

A Pleasant Grove woman who does not want to show her face says her 65-year-old father was ducking for cover behind a tree as bullets were flying near the intersection of Bruton and North Masters Drive Saturday. 

Dallas police say people in two vehicles were shooting at each other. 


Innocent bystander who was getting daughter ready for prom killed in shootout on Dallas road

Dallas police are investigating a shooting Saturday afternoon that killed a 39-year-old bystander who was driving one of her daughters to get ready for prom.

Moreno was an innocent bystander. She was struck and killed while driving her 18-year-old daughter to get her dress for senior prom. 

FOX 4 spoke with her daughters Sunday. 

"I didn’t care about prom. I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted her to be okay," said her daughter, Amy Rodriguez.

"She was so excited to see her get ready for prom. She was excited for everything," said her other daughter, Michelle Rodriguez. "She was so excited for us to graduate. That’s all she wanted."

The crime scene was covered in evidence markers Saturday. 

On Monday, Dallas police gave an update on the three-other people shot who are all males. They are all in critical condition.

The police spokesman would not go into detail about them, but police sources tell FOX 4 those three males shot were "intended targets" of the shootout. It’s unclear what role they may have had.

Dallas City Council Member Jaime Resendez represents this area.

"I’m just sick and tired of seeing these types of incidents in our city," he said. "We don’t know exactly where these folks were coming from. We don’t know where they were going to. We don’t know where they live. Unfortunately, this is just where the incident occurred."

Resendez is calling on anyone who has information about the shootout to contact police.

"We can’t expect the government to solve all our problems. We have to work together," he said. "I’m angered. I’m outraged, and I know the community is outraged as well."

We do know there are security and police cameras at a 7-Eleven at the intersection of the shooting. Police have not said what may have been captured on that footage.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.