‘Night of Honor' recognizes 100 Dallas officers

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Thursday’s ‘Night of Honor’ was the first of many events to honor the officers and their families impacted by the deadly ambush on July 7, 2016.

DART Officer Brent Thompson, Dallas Police Senior Corporal Loren Ahrens, Officer Michael Krol, Sgt. Michael Smith and Officer Patrick Zamarripa were killed in the ambush.

The Dallas Police Department held the private ceremony to honor dozens of officers, including those who lost their lives or risked their lives. Several public events will begin Friday.

It was an emotional night at the ceremony as officers and their families, along with families of some of the fallen five officers, gathered on the eve of the first year anniversary of the ambush to remember the bravery that night. All the officers who attended the ceremony were working that night.

Interim Dallas Police Chief David Pughes says since that night investigators have pored over multiple statements, interviewed dozens of police officers, gone through hours of body camera video from the ambush and discovered several valiant moments that came out of that tragedy. The department came together to honor those moments and the officers.

“There is nothing that I could say that describes your actions on that evening,” Pughes said. “Your actions on that evening speak for themselves, and words will not do them justice. So tonight, we honor you for your actions.”

The room was completely silent as everyone stood up to honor the families of each fallen officer. The families of Officer Zamarripa, Officer Krol and Sergeant Smith who were present accepted police crosses representing the greatest sacrifice an officer can make.

Along with Interim Chief Pughes, FOX 4’s Clarice Tinsley also spoke about honoring that ultimate sacrifice.

“Those who protect and serve and honor the integrity of their oath and sworn duty are motivated by the call,” she said. “And that's what we saw in the streets of downtown Dallas that night. That is what we honor tonight.”

About 100 officers were recognized Thursday for their actions on July 7. Fourteen of them received medals of Honor.

A full weekend of events are planned to remember the one year anniversary, including a ceremony Friday night at city hall.