Newfoundland woman learns hard way to remember to roll windows up before a snowstorm

Before a record-setting snowstorm hits, you should remember to do a couple of things, one of which is rolling your car windows all the way up.

A Newfoundland woman learned that the hard way when she was left with a car full of snow on January 18 after accidentally leaving the passenger side window of her car open during a record-breaking snowstorm the night before.

Lola Parsons is the unfortunate soul who didn't have her windows all the way up. Her friend, Gail Soper, recorded the video for Instagram. Soper said they went outside to clean up over 6 feet of snow in the driveway and thought they were lucky.

“We went to check our vehicles and we thought we lucked out because both our cars had very little snow around them,” she said. “But when we went around the passenger door of Lola’s car, the window was gone and the car was full of snow!”

At first, the ladies thought someone had broken into the car and they started to take pictures for insurance. But there were no glass fragments anywhere. That's when she realized the window had been left open.

Lola was upbeat about it and even sat down in the snow-covered driver's side and was 'ready to go' after she cleared off several inches of snow from the dash.

Environment Canada reported the snowfall broke records in the province, with 30 inches (76.2 cm) recorded at St. John’s International Airport on January 17, beating the previous record of 27 inches (68.4 cm) on April 5, 1999.

But the snow also came with high winds, which created snowdrifts that mounted 12 to 15 feet high, burying cars and covering the first floors of many homes.

The storm was labeled by Canadian meteorologists as a meteorological “bomb,” having undergone a process of rapid intensification known as bombogenesis.

The Department of Transportation and Works for Newfoundland and Labrador said plow operators handled more than 100 requests for assistance Friday, including 24 from ambulances, 23 from police and 60 from the public.

FOX 2 reported this story from Southfield, Mich.