New images, 911 calls reveal details on Aqib Talib nightclub shooting

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TMZ Sports released 911 calls and Dallas police crime scene photos from a shooting inside a packed Dallas night club two months ago, where Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos Aqib Talib was shot and two others wounded.

It's not clear how or where TMZ Sports got the crime scene photos, but they do paint a picture of chaos inside the V Live Strip Club in Northwest Dallas on June 5. The 911 callers raised questions about police response time to an active shooter in a night club filled with people.

At 3:40 a.m. that morning, Dallas police say Talib showed up at Medical City Dallas Hospital, nine miles away with a gunshot wound to his right leg. Back at the night club, 911 callers described chaos and terror.  

CALLER: "There's like guns and people are shooting up the club!  Like we need the police ASAP.  Oh my God, Oh my God! They're still shooting."

911: "Ok, we have police on the way out."

CALLER: "Thank you."

The pictures show bullet holes through the front of the club that was filled with people, bloody clothes, shell casings and overturned furniture.   

CALLER: "Someone is shooting. It’s bad. We're underneath the ugh (uniteligible) in the dancer's room. It is really bad."

911 OPERATOR: "Can you see who the shooter is?"

CALLER: "No ma'am, it's really bad.  We're barricaded in the back room.  They keep opening the door he's shooting outside."

Dallas police have said three people were shot. Talib was treated and released. TMZ Sports showed pictures of the other two men and their injuries.

Based on the violence described in the 911 calls, it's remarkable more people weren't injured. But at least one of the 911 callers was angry at the police response.

CALLER "It's really bad, it's a lot of people."

911 OPERATOR: "Do you know if anybody is injured?”

CALLER: "It's a lot of blood. We can't see who's injured. We're hiding. I don't understand why y’all haven't came yet! It's been like 10-15 minutes! Do you not care about people's lives?”

911: "1911 Empire Central, you have already called?"

CALLER: "Plenty of people have called I'm sure!"

CALLER: "Just now pulling up?  That's ridiculous!"

Dallas police responded in an email saying to date no arrests have been made.