New hippo exhibit opens at Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo is opened its new hippopotamus exhibit Friday.

Zoo guests can now get a close look at a pair of hippos. One came from Albuquerque and the other is from Los Angeles.

The zoo said Adhama, the male Nile hippo, was immediately interested in the female, who is named Biopelo. She is just starting to come around.

This is the first major exhibit to open at the zoo since the Giants of the Savannah exhibit opened seven years ago.

"This habitat has exceeded our highest hopes," said Gregg Hudson, Dallas Zoo's president and CEO. "We're confident that being face-to-face with a submerged, 3,000-pound hippo will be a highlight for our guests. Even more importantly, this new experience will help our community better understand the critical need for conservation of all species and wild spaces."

The new habitat is filled with 120,000 gallons of water. It cost about $14 million, all of which came from private donations.