New details revealed in Richardson woman murder case

Recently unsealed documents give new details in the case of a missing Richardson woman who was later found murdered.

Jessie Bardwell’s body was found in a Farmersville, 10 days after her family reported her missing.

The 27-year-old’s boyfriend, Jason Lowe, was arrested and charged with murder before her body was even found.

The newly-released police search warrants offered more insight into what specifically Richardson detectives found inside Lowe’s garage and SUV.

Richardson police said computer information from Lowe’s muddy Audi Q5 led them to the field in Farmersville.

Previous arrest affidavits revealed detectives found a lot of blood evidence in Lowe's SUV. However, the new search warrants show to what extent.

According to the documents, tests "revealed blood was located on the exterior of the Audi's rear bumper and lift gate, driver's side door handle, steering wheel, gear selector, the back seat, and front bumper." In addition to the two guns found in Lowe's rental truck, "detectives located two rifles inside the garage as well as 9mm ammunition."

Lowe had been on the radar of Richardson police ever since Bardwell's father called from Mississippi, asking for officers to do a welfare check on his daughter on May 8.

Gary Bardwell told police he became concerned about his daughter's well-being after she didn't contact her stepmom on Mother's Day.

The new search warrants revealed Bardwell's dad and stepmom came to Lowe's apartment the next day.

The report stated "Lowe would not answer the door, with Lowe stating he was told by his parents not to speak to Mr. Bardwell." The report also said “Mr. Bardwell became upset when he saw his daughter's dog was still at the residence. Mr. Bardwell told police his daughter carried the dog everywhere and would not leave the dog in Lowe's care."

The search warrants also revealed that Lowe told police Bardwell had gone window shopping the day she disappeared and that the two had talked about getting married, with Bardwell applying for a marriage license online.

The search warrants focused solely on what detectives found at Lowe’s Richardson apartment and inside his SUV and garage.