Naturalization ceremony held in Dallas to welcome 35 new U.S. citizens

There were 35 North Texas residents who are now the newest U.S. citizens.

Coming from 18 different countries, they took the oath of citizenship at a naturalization ceremony in Dallas.

The event made even more special because Friday is National Immigrant Day.

"I encourage you to use your talents and skills each day," Jill Ennis said. 

The naturalization ceremony came with joy, pride, and emotions that were hard to describe.

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"It sometimes feels like I grew up on both sides. My family has lived in both sides of the country for generations," Edna Garza said.

Garza, who was born in Mexico, has long awaited this day.

A group of her recreation soccer teammates came to support her as they were instrumental in her journey. 

"That’s our family. We’ve been with her since she got here and we’ve got to show up for her," Shannon Mason said.

"I was so accustomed to speaking English at work, but not socially. So, for me, it was hard to say, ‘Here, I’m open,’ because I didn’t know which language to use. But they were like, ‘No worries, just say it, whatever comes out,’ and we started playing about 15 years ago," Garza said. "I was not sure what the set up was. But when they came in and I looked up, I started crying because they are my family here. They are my sisters."