Family of mother of 4 killed in Dallas road rage shooting hoping for answers in her murder

The family of a mother of four who was murdered by a road rage driver this week now has to raise her children.

Dallas police still haven't found the two people who shot her, and they haven't released a description of them or their vehicle.

Investigators said they are looking for two suspects in the murder of 30-year-old Nancy Aguilar.

Red balloons and roses now mark the spot where a deadly road rage shooting came to an end in Old East Dallas.

According to police, Nancy was shot to death while driving home overnight Monday.

"I’m just mad. I am still mad," Nancy’s mother, Alicia Aguilar, said.

Alicia remembered the last time she hugged her daughter, which was one week ago when she asked for her favorite meal. 

"And she was like, ‘Can I go get some,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I will make you a plate," she recalled.

Early Tuesday morning, Alicia woke up to a devastating call.

She said her daughter went out to dinner with a male friend Monday, someone she had been close to since grade school.

"You are like, God, God. It’s not true, it’s not true," Alicia said.

Dallas police said Nancy was driving eastbound with her friend on I-30 just after midnight.

Alicia said Nancy’s passenger told her and police that Nancy got in front of a car right before the Winslow exit.

"This person gets mad because she jumped in front of him and chases her down," Alicia said.


Woman killed on I-30 in possible road rage shooting

A woman was shot to death while driving a car in Dallas overnight. Police think it may have been a case of road rage.

At the stoplight of the access road and Winslow, police said the killer pulled up next to Nancy’s car and words were exchanged.

That’s when someone in the other car opened fire.

Nancy crashed into a retaining wall at a nearby gas station.

There were multiple bullet holes in the driver’s door of her silver Lexus. 

Her passenger was not injured.

Police said the two people in the other vehicle drove off. 

No arrests have been made. 

Investigators have only released vague information about who they're looking for, which is two males.

"I dont want to believe it’s true, this person and this happened, and for them to take her life like that, like really, for what?" Alicia said.

Alicia said she’s spoken to Nancy’s passenger who witnessed the shooting. 

"He’s telling me, ‘I am sorry, I am sorry. I’m sorry,’ but I’m like, ‘What are you sorry about? You didn’t do it. If anything, be grateful to God your life wasn’t taken,’" she added.

Nancy's mother told FOX 4 her daughter loved her children and her family.

A family that is trying to remain strong. 

"You got to do this for your baby because you need to make sure she is put to rest," Alicia said.

Alicia said Nancy’s passenger did provide a suspect vehicle description to Dallas police, saying it was a gray car.

However, Dallas police have not confirmed this description, only giving a vague description that the suspects are two males.