Naked suspect surrenders in Hwy. 80 standoff

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A man who was barricaded inside a yellow truck on Highway 80 in Sunnyvale finally surrendered Tuesday morning without any clothes on.

According to the Dallas Sheriff’s Office, the man allegedly took his girlfriend’s truck without her permission. Officers spotted the truck on Hwy. 80 around 8:30 a.m. and pulled it over.

For hours the man refused to come out of the vehicle. Officers with the sheriff’s department and the Mesquite and Forney police departments surrounded it.

Photos from viewers showed the officers with their guns drawn. Negotiators and a SWAT vehicle were also called to the scene.

The man finally got out of the truck around 10 a.m. He appeared to be naked or nearly naked and was holding up something white. He got down on the pavement and was quickly taken into custody.

Westbound Hwy. 80 was completely shut down during the standoff. It has since reopened.