Multiple drownings following flooding in Fort Worth

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Storms across North Texas brought heavy rains and flash flooding Saturday.

The deadly morning in Fort Worth started on a service road near 820 and 287, when water swept a car carrying a woman and a toddler into a culvert. Nearby workers tried to help but couldn't get them out.

“They tried to help, they tried to break the windows out. They were unable to so then they immediately called it in,” said Fort Worth Battalion Chief James Mcamis. “Unfortunately, by the time we actually got here there was no way for us to actually save their lives.”

In the same area, and around the same time, witnesses saw a car try to go through water near South Cravens road and Oakdale Drive.

Dewayne Simmons and Alex Juarez tried looking for the car. First responders didn't find it until the water level dropped later in the afternoon. An elderly man dead inside.

“The car tried to cross the channel and the water just swept it away,” said Juarez.

“I actually seen the car just go over the dam right there, and I was like man was there somebody in the car,” said Simmons. “Even if I don't even know them, it’s just hard to see somebody go over something like that, you know it could have been my family member, so I gotta do my best to come and find them.”

The drowning marked the third death of the day due to flooded Fort Worth roads.

“I’ve been here for 18 years and I can't think of another time where we've had this much floodwater, this much floodwater in this area,” said Mcamis.

None of the drowning victims have been identified. Officials say the deaths should be a reminder to people of the dangers of driving in flooded areas.