Mother, daughter resting after successful kidney transplant

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A mother and daughter from Cedar Hill are now resting at home after a successful kidney transplant surgery that was livestreamed.

Maribel Gutierrez gave a kidney to her daughter, Jessica. The surgery garnered more than 100,000 views on Facebook.

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Jessica and Maribel sat hand-in-hand on Tuesday. Their already strong bond was made even stronger last Friday when Maribel donated a kidney to her 20-year-old daughter

“I can't repay what she did for me,” Jessica said. “It's truly a blessing what she did for me.”

“Somehow at the bottom of my heart, I know that if I am tested I'll be the one who is able to donate the kidney,” Maribel said.

Jessica developed kidney problems at 5 years old. She knows just how lucky she is that her perfect match was her mom who delivered the good news in a special note.

Jessica never spent a day on dialysis or a waiting list. It was an easy decision when Methodist Dallas approached her about live streaming the surgeries on Facebook.

“If I had the chance to be on the other side and watch the video on Facebook live and I was looking at someone else, I think I would really feel inspired to make a change in someone's life,” Jessica said. “Because there's a lot of people out there who aren't as lucky as me and my mom.”

First, Maribel's kidney was removed using robotic arms. Then, the transplant happened.

Dr. Richard Dickerman has performed 3,000 transplants but none with so much attention or public interaction.

“Really, a lot of people are watching this. I didn't expect any of them to watch this,” Jessica said. “But a lot of people, like my family in El Salvador, they watched it there.”

Jessica says she already feels better than ever especially knowing someone else may one day know her joy.

“Now, they have more information about donation,” she said. “Hopefully, we did something that might help other people's lives.”

Jessica now has three kidneys, but only two of them are functioning as they should. She says she's been so impacted by this experience that she's inspired to go back to school to work in nephrology and help people with kidney disease.