Mom's post about clothing line for kids with special needs goes viral

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One mother's post about an adaptive clothing line at Target for children with special needs has been widely shared on Facebook, and others are thanking her for letting them know about it.

In the past, Lorrie DeRosa has had a hard time finding clothes for her 8-year-old son, EJ, who has 22q11.2 deletion syndrome - a missing section of the 22nd chromosome.

EJ is fed using a g tube, and other shirts normally have to be lifted up when he's fed, which doesn't offer him much privacy.

One of the shirts DeRosa bought for her son has an extra sleeve for the tube, which allows her to feed him while keeping him covered.

She also found jeans that have side zippers and buttons on the legs, which make it easier to put on him.

These clothes have been a big hit for DeRosa, and she's even ordering more.

"Amazing how something so simple makes such an enormous difference in the lives of families like ours," she said.