Moms Demand Action event held at Oak Lawn church

Protests, rallies and vigils have been taking place across Dallas in response to the National Rifle Association convention, but an event at Oak Lawn United Methodist Church was different.

It was an educational seminar on upcoming gun legislation for people involved with Moms Demand Action to lobby against things like concealed carry reciprocity and permitless carry, and how to push their message on social media and through phone banks.

"It's how we're going to change things is voting out the people who aren't hearing the things that we need,” said Susan Candelaria.

This group supports enhanced background checks for gun sales, banning bump stocks and high capacity magazines, among other things. They feel like teaching people about how to get involved and contact lawmakers to promote changes to gun laws is more effective than a protest or rally.

"If they do nothing, then we are going to vote them out of office," said Donna Schmidt.

Many of the people at the event were also at the Rally earlier in the day. Their goal was for people to leave feeling empowered and energized.