Mom of injured son angry after school failed to call 911

A DeSoto woman is angry that no one called 911 when her autistic foster son received a severe gash on his head during school.

Bobby Williams says she was horrified by the head injury her 16-year-old foster son suffered at DeSoto High School.

Because he's severely autistic, Williams says the boy could not tell her what happened.

“He's about like a 12-month-old baby,” Williams explained. “He has to be fed. He has to be changed."

Despite how bad the injury looked, the school did not call 911. Instead, Williams got a call from the teacher.

“He had a little accident and kind of bumped his head,” Williams was told. “Her words were he may or may not need stitches.”

Williams took the child to emergency care.

“He said we have to stitch this up right away,” she explained. “We had to hold him, and they put four staples in his head."

The school's incident report says the boy was injured while flipping his chair over backwards, hitting his head on a supply cabinet, while he was secured with a gait belt.

Williams believes the incident report means he was tied to the chair. She wants to know why and if he was properly supervised.

But after asking the superintendent, administrators, principal, and school board members, Williams isn't getting any answers.

The only answer so far is “it's under investigation.”

“This happened August 26,” she said. “When do I get an answer?"

Williams says she is speaking out because her child cannot speak.

“If I don't protect him, he won't be protected,” Williams said.

The school board president said, while he can't get into specifics, DeSoto ISD has taken the appropriate steps to address the concern.

Williams said she called the school Tuesday afternoon to arrange a meeting.

Under a new state law, parents can request cameras in classrooms of special needs students. Williams has now done that.