Mom explains why student brought gun to Kimball High School

The mother of the Kimball High School student who accidentally shot himself in the leg says her son’s intentions were to kill himself on campus as a result of bullying she says he suffered.

Dallas ISD police swarmed the school after the accidental shooting on Monday morning.

Billye High says it was her 15-year- old freshman who shot himself in the leg with a gun he brought it to school

“He was like there was nowhere to turn to so he rather kill his self at the school so the school could change the rules, the policy on how they go about bullying,” High said.

The mother her son was brought home from school ‘for his own safety’ after a group of guys tried to jump him at school. She was told the students were suspended.

High says after the guys came by their home and threatened him, she decided to pull her son out from school for an entire week. She spoke to campus administrators after the student returned on Monday.

“And they telling me, ‘We don’t have no one to walk him around to each one of his classes and make sure he's safe,’ or, ‘We can’t just put him in another room like the best thing to do is to just take him to a different  school,’” High said.

She says administrators gave her papers so she could transfer her son. She left him at school Monday but minutes later, she was called about the shooting.

The shooting happened after High’s son with learning disabilities reportedly showed the gun to another student. Then as he put it back in his pocket, he shot himself.

The bullet went in and out an inch away from her son’s main artery. She says he’s currently being treated at a mental hospital.

High says her daughter who was bullied by a group of girls committed suicide and doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her son.

“He'd rather be with his sister,” her son told her. “And I went through the same thing with my 13-year-old daughter five years ago.

“As we continue on with our investigation and whether or not we're going to file criminal charges in this incident, I think we have to look at what led up to us being at the point to where we are with this student who was involved in the incident where he inadvertently shot himself,” said Dallas ISD Police Chief Craig Miller.

High says the school should take some responsibility over what happened.

“No one’s called and asked me how was my child doing anything like how was I doing,” she said. “We're victims in this too.”

High admits her son has been in his own trouble at Kimball and was previously sent to alternative school. She says what happed on Monday might not have taken place if those suspended for bullying her son were also sent to alternative school.