Mom, boyfriend indicted for 4-year-old's Grand Prairie girl's death

A Grand Prairie woman and her boyfriend were indicted for the death of her 4-year-old daughter.

Jeri Quezada and Charles Phifer are charged with beating and killing Leiliana Wright in March. Police said the two were on heroin.

Leiliana’s grandmother said she tried to alert Child Protective Services about the abuse, but was unable to get help.

The hope of some justice for Leiliana brings some comfort for Alisa Clakley. Through social media, Leiliana's death has touched people everywhere.

"The whole family and the world everyone that has felt for her needs this,” the grandmother said.

The couple is accused of beating Leiliana with a belt and a bamboo stick and tying the girl in a closet while they were doing cocaine.

"To sit here and wonder always wonder how someone can do this,” said Clackley. "This was pure ugliness it was pure ugliness."

The indictments for first degree felony injury to a child say neither Quezada nor Phifer did anything to protect the girl from the beatings and abuse and failed to get medical attention that could have saved her life.

Clakley says she is awaken almost every night by dreams of Leiliana calling for her and her grandfather.

"I keep feeling that it's her trying to reach us, let us know make sure that they pay,” the grandmother said.

Leiliana lived with her grandparents until Quezada got out of jail. The indictments say Quezada was in prison for burglary. Phifer has served time for drugs.

Clakley hopes justice will be done so that Leiliana’s death won’t be in vain.

Quezada and Phiper could get life in prison. Clakley says if they're convicted, they should get nothing less.

In the aftermath of the little girl’s death, CPS fired a caseworker and a supervisor. A special investigator also resigned.