Mobile laundry trailer gives homeless people the chance to have clean clothes

A mobile laundromat inside a trailer is part of a new initiative to help the homeless. Since most homeless people don’t have the ability to do laundry often, the trailer is able to go to where the homeless are, and give them a chance to wash their clothes for free.

“This makes them feel more sustainable,” Janet Seegren of the Tempe Community Action Agency in Arizona told Fox 10. “It helps them be able to feel better about themselves.”

It’s about more than just being comfortable, too. For some homeless people, clean clothes can be the first step towards a job and a better future.

The trailer is equipped with four washing machines and four dryers. Every day it heads to a different location, usually a church, where the homeless can clean their clothes, free of charge. Deborah Arteaga, executive director of the TCAA, the community agency that runs the mobile laundromat, said the program has already been a success.

“It’s amazing!” said Arteaga. “The washers and dryers are humming, and clients are rotating and taking turns washing their clothes.