Mobile home fire kills 2 adults, 6 dogs and cats

Two people and more than half-a-dozen pets were killed in a fire early Sunday morning.

It happened in an unincorporated area of Dallas County in the 9800 block of Beckleyview.

Armondo Mejia says he was awakened by neighbors around 4:30 Sunday morning saying a mobile home was on fire.

Mejia says he did what he could to try and get everyone out of the burning home.

"I run that way and I break the front door and I knock but no body answered and the fire was already high.  So, I break the first door, but they have another door like a metal.  So, I try to kick it and I cannot open it up,” said Mejia.

The DeSoto Fire Department responded with engines and two tanker trucks because the nearest fire hydrant is almost a quarter mile away. Inside the burned mobile home, the fire marshal’s office says the bodies of a 62-year-old man and 59-year-old woman were recovered along with 6 cats and dogs.

Jasmine Turner believes the victims are her husband’s aunt and uncle but the medical examiner has not yet made a positive identification.

"Like I told his dad, you know, it's hard to lose a family member. Like I told him, you know I'm always here to support,” said Turner.

The Dallas Fire Marshal’s Office says the case of the fire is undetermined at this point, but electrical problems are the suspected cause.

"I warned him and like my father in law,” said Turner,” he warned him about it too! And that's not good with those heaters on."

The medical examiner’s office could identify the bodies as early as Monday. It could take several days for the fire marshal to determine the exact cause of the fire.