MMA fighter takes down suspected burglar

An MMA fighter took down a burglar who broke into his father’s home, according to officials.

Sergio Hernandez Jr. chased down the suspect believed to have broken through the window of his father’s home in San Diego on Monday morning. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, he returned home with his father and saw the stranger standing in the backyard.

The suspect claimed he was running away from a dog, but Hernandez questioned him after noticing the broken window. The man tried to take off when realizing they were calling the police, but Hernandez grabbed him, and placed him in a headlock using his legs.

A neighbor captured video of Hernandez with the man in a hold. He was heard saying, “Don’t move. I don’t want to put you to sleep, bro.”

“I felt bad for him,” Hernandez said to the newspaper. “That’s when he tried to escape and I did a judo throw into a triangle hold.”

Hernandez has been doing Jiu Jitsu for 13 years and has a Baret Yoshida Black Belt.

Police arrived and took the suspect into custody. The house was ransacked, but nothing appeared to have been stolen.