Mineral Wells boy rescued from deep well

A Mineral Wells boy has a long recovery ahead after he fell into a well and was rescued by a neighbor.

Jaxon Tune, 9, was in water up to his waist when he fell in. The well goes down about 22 feet after that no one's really sure how deep the water runs.

"All I remember is getting light headed and waking up in a cold dark place seeing a light above me," Jaxon said.

A neighbor and a police officer pulled Jaxon out and firefighters got him to the hospital.

Christopher Hicks said he's no angel but he couldn't bear seeing Jaxon scared and alone down in the well. The neighbor used a long strap to lower himself down.

Jaxon was grabbing on to the side of the well.

A Mineral Wells police officer arrived and went down in the well with Hicks and helped take Jaxon out of the well.

Hicks lives next door to the well and just moved in two days before the accident.

"God works in mysterious ways and he brought me here for that reason," Hicks said.

The fall fractured Jaxon's skull and doctors operated to take pressure off his brain. Jaxon is not squeamish about the stitches but it's a reminder to his mom of how she came to losing her son.

"Everybody keeps telling me I was strong and it ended well but they didn't see what was going on inside, you know," said Teresa DeGarmo.

Jaxon is now back home with his mom after a recovery that has amazed his doctors.