Millions expected to call out sick Monday after Super Bowl

Are you feeling a little sick? There is a lot of stuff going around, or at least it might seem that way at work Monday where millions are expected to call out sick the day after the Super Bowl.

"If you're going to be here all day, I'm going to ask you, are you going to go to work tomorrow," asked FOX 10's Steve Nielsen to a fan. "Yes," said the fan. 

We'll see if the 49ers fan in Tempe does show up in Monday, but it turns out many won't.


"Are you going to be a little slow though," asked FOX 10's Steve Nielsen. "I'm going to have an IV with Monster in me, I'll be ready to go," said the fan.

According to a survey by the Workforce Institute at Kronos International, more employees will miss work the day after the Super Bowl than ever before. 17.5 million Americans are expected to stay home, 7.9 million employees are still undecided on what they'll do. 

"You drink too much, too many shots, too many touchdown shots here at Varsity, but yea I mean it's common, especially if your team wins, you celebrate," said Alfonso Castillo, a business owner. 

Alfonso Castillo says he has a choice. 

"Well the good thing about being a business owner, you can send your guys or you can show up, but yeah I'm going to be there," says Castillo. 

Now the good news about the survey is 11.1 million of those missing work Monday got it approved ahead of time.