Dozens of migrants from Texas arrive in Los Angeles

Dozens of migrants from Texas arrived in Los Angeles Wednesday, with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott taking credit for the drop off. 

Two buses dropped off about 40 people at St. Anthony’s Croatian Church in Chinatown.  

With items in hand, families from Honduras, Venezuela, Guatemala and Haiti were welcomed to the church by several people and organizations.  

Workers with the Office of Emergency Operations and Public Health were at the church all day setting up and preparing for their arrival. Several other relief organizations were on site as well.  

By Wednesday night, most of the migrants were picked up by family members, some coming from San Francisco and San Diego.  

The migrants were bused in from the Texas-Mexico border and Texas Governor Greg Abbott has claimed credit for it, citing LA as a sanctuary city.

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Abbott took to Twitter to say, "Texas just dropped off the 1st bus of migrants in Los Angeles. Small Texas border towns remain overrun & overwhelmed because Biden refuses to secure the border. LA is a city migrants seek to go to, particularly now its leaders approved its self-declared sanctuary status."

Activists helping the migrants get settled in Los Angeles were told the families were on the bus from Texas for about 23 hours without food or water.

According to Abbott's office, Texas has been charting buses to take migrants from Texas to locations including Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia, and most recently adding Denver to the list of destinations. Since beginning the busing effort last spring, more than 21,600 migrants have been shipped out of Texas to "these self-declared sanctuary cities," according to Abbott's office.


LA Mayor Karen Bass released the following statement, "It is abhorrent that an American elected official is using human beings as pawns in his cheap political games. This evening, more than 40 people were sent by the Governor of Texas to our City of Los Angeles. Shortly after I took office, I directed City Departments to begin planning in the event Los Angeles was on the receiving end of a despicable stunt that Republican Governors have grown so fond of. This did not catch us off guard, nor will it intimidate us. Now, it’s time to execute our plan. Our emergency management, police, fire and other departments were able to find out about the incoming arrival while the bus was on its way and were already mobilized along with nonprofit partners before the bus arrived. Los Angeles is not a city motivated by hate or fear and we absolutely will not be swayed or moved by petty politicians playing with human lives. We are a city that seeks to treat all people with dignity and compassion and we will continue to work closely with non-profit organizations, including the L.A. Welcomes Collective, as well as with our County, State and Federal partners."

Gov. Newsom's office also released a statement saying, "Contrary to what some may want to think – California is also a border state but instead of demonizing asylum seekers, we focus on working with local communities to support and humanely welcome people.Regarding the recently arrived families, the state is in close communication with the County and City of Los Angeles, and our community partners. Together, we will make sure that the children and families who arrived are safe and welcomed."

This is not the first time migrants have been flown into the Golden State… just weeks ago dozens of migrants were brought in from other states into Sacramento. 

In early June, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration said three dozen migrants whom the state recently flew from El Paso, Texas, to Sacramento at taxpayer expense all went willingly, disputing allegations that the individuals were coerced to travel under false pretenses.