Michelle Obama surprises Dallas-area students ahead of Monday book event

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Two groups of students got a surprise visit from former first lady Michelle Obama on Monday in Dallas.

Obama, in town for an event for her book “Becoming,” met with groups of high schoolers at the Winspear Opera House and discussed leadership and improving communities around North Texas

The students were talking about Obama’s book when she walked in and surprised the room full of selected girls from a handful of high schools across North Texas — like Carter H.S., Hockaday and Pinkston H.S. They’d been studying the book leading up to the young women’s leadership conference.

The girls jumped up to hug her and shake her hand — some in tears. Then they settled in to talk more about Obama’s personal story — including what it was like to face racism, doubters and negative messages throughout her life.

“I've seen so much to know that I have no right to ever feel sorry for myself or to ever think that I have a hardship because I have seen people struggle and I know how much strength that I have and I know that’s in each one of you as well. There’s nothing unique about me as an individual. It's just digging deep and having enough experiences to keep yourself broad and open,” Obama said.

The second half of the afternoon, she surprised a larger group of students in another section of the Winspear before a panel discussion. She shared some words of wisdom and then let them know they had tickets to Monday night’s event at the American Airlines Center.

She shared more words of encouragement as well. She told them persevere no matter what people say, be open-minded to new experiences and see the world.

Obama’s event at the AAC was set for Monday night. She then continues on with numerous domestic international appearances in support of her book.