Methodist pastors to show support for Botham Jean's family on Wednesday

Some pastors in the United Methodist Church are the latest group expressing support for the family of Botham Jean and concern for justice as the case continues to be investigated.

Jean was shot dead in his own apartment by off-duty Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger on Sept. 6. The officer claims she mistakenly went to the wrong apartment, but the pastors worry that the department isn’t being transparent about what happened.

The pastors plan to meet at Dallas police headquarters at 11 a.m. Wednesday to make a statement, then walk to the SouthSide Flats where Jean lived and was killed.

“Yes, the investigation has to happen, but we want to see justice done because it’s a serious situation,” said Rev. Elden Cowley, Sr. Pastor, Fellowship UMC, Trophy Club.

Pastors participating in the effort said they felt compelled to speak out.

“Most of my colleagues would not peg me as an activist. I don’t march, I don’t shout very often,” said Rev. Abril Goforth, Sr. Pastor, First UMC, Lewisville. “If you’re not saying something, especially as a white person, you’re complicit in what is happening. It’s not a choice for us anymore.”

Many of the pastors have already signed an open letter voicing their concerns with what happened and how the process is playing out.

“[We’re] wanting to see justice in this situation and concerned that justice itself is gonna be done because right now with this situation, the well is poisoned,” Cowley said.

Goforth said this is a moment where things could go either way and Dallas is currently a boiling pot waiting to bubble over.

“I’ve been preaching on Micah 6:8 -- What does the Lord require of you? The first thing: do justice, love kindness, walk humbly, but do justice,” Goforth said.

The pastors said they will pray outside of the apartment building where Jean lived.

Guyger remains on paid administrative leave.