Meals on Wheels dealing with delivery driver shortage

More people are in need of delivery services from Meals on Wheels, leaving the organization scrambling for volunteer delivery drivers.

Retired American Airlines mechanic Carolyn Miles is one of the delivery drivers picking up extra shifts to meet demand.

"I started thinking about the number of people that for whatever reason I can’t prepare a meal," said Miles. "They could’ve had some kind of physical injury or stroke, heart attack or whatever, or they just might not have the money to put a nutritious meal on the table."

Communities in east Fort Worth during the last several weeks have seen Tarrant County's biggest increase in demand.

"Seventeen open routes currently. So it’s difficult when you know there’s people out there that need these meals," said Philip Gonzalez of Tarrant County Meals on Wheels.

77-year-old Dennis Worlow and his 80-year-old wife are just a few of the people who desperately need the food.

"She’s had four heart attacks plus a stroke. I have arthritis and poor vision. Cooking is a little difficult sometimes and this really helps out," Worlow said.

Gonzalez says many volunteers are stepping up the effort to meet the demand.

"We have people who do two routes, but because of the need they are doing three, four, I hate to say, sometimes five days a week, but it’s getting to the point now," he said.

Miles hopes to encourage those who can to join her and volunteer.

"It takes up so little time and it’s so rewarding."

If you would like to volunteer call 817-336-0912, or you can go to the Meals on Wheels website.