McKinney Boyd High School student arrested for making online threat

Shortly after a student brought a gun into a classroom and killed himself at McKinney North High School, another student from McKinney Boyd High School posted what police perceived as an "online threat."

Hundreds of tips immediately came in. Police increased their presence this week and announced the arrest of 18-year-old student Kyle Ryan Samuel.

The McKinney ISD superintendent says the threat was a hoax. Samuel, a graduating senior, was arrested and charged with threatening to exhibit or use firearms in a school. It's a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail or a $4,000 fine.

Superintendent Rick McDaniel says the student did not intend to go through with the threat the student made against Boyd. But he says students need to learn that every threat is taken seriously.

“Regardless of whether students feel like these are meant to be a hoax or they have no real intent, the school is going to take this seriously,” the superintendent said.

It was just on Monday that McKinney PD posted that it was aware of threatening social media posts being circulated. They said threats are very serious and carry serious consequences.

The post went on to say that, as of Monday, the Boyd student resource officer had received 700 tips through the district's tip 411 anonymous texting system about the social media posts.

"It's not a joke. It's not something that's funny. And whether it was, well we know it was intended for someone else to hear,” said Katelyn Ollar, a high school senior. “And just think about the victims of what's happened everywhere. Would they find it funny? And would you say that to their face?"

"It's not a funny joke. People's lives at stake. That's not funny to anyone,” said Tacy Boyce, a McKinney ISD graduate. “I think that person, more than anything — if not arrested — they need help. They need mental counseling."

It hasn't even been a week since a tenth-grade student shot and killed himself in an empty classroom at McKinney North High School. There has been an increased law enforcement presence on school campuses since.

The superintendent says the most recent threat was made after that incident.

McKinney police are asking parents to talk with students about the serious nature of making threats.