Mayor Rawlings says progress made in saving Dallas Police-Fire pension

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said Wednesday he’s making progress with preventing what he calls a taxpayer bailout of the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System.

After the house gave a resounding yes to the bill Rawlings has strongly criticized, he said the pension issue may be his “Alamo.” But Wednesday he said a victory may be at hand after all.

The Dallas City Council was poised to pass a resolution that would proclaim it only supports a fix to the police and fire pension system that does not require more money from Dallas taxpayers. But the deputy mayor pro tem moved to postpone the vote.

"I was asked by the city attorney to postpone it or pull it from the agenda because the situation in Austin is fluid. It's moving. We're optimistic progress is being made, we did not want to jump in front,” Erik Wilson said.

Rawlings wasn’t offering any specifics on what he calls substantial progress, but he said in a statement: "...thanks to the strong leadership of Senators West and Huffines, I am optimistic that we are close to a resolution."

Dallas City Councilman Adam McGough said the House bill “could be catastrophic” if changes aren’t made. He said the council is waiting to find out what the changes in the works are.

“Goal is to get this sustainable,” McGough said.

The sponsor of the house bill, State Rep. Dan Flynn, is standing firm after unanimous victory on his version.

"I am not planning on accepting the Mayor's changes where they compromise a secure and safe pension for those 10,000 Police and Fire,” Flynn said.

There is not a date set yet for a vote in the senate. Whatever bill the senate approves will have to be approved by the house and signed by the governor.

The board meets again Thursday to discuss never paying into the pension for members who returned from the military.