Mayfest organizers ready for possible severe weather

The folks who run Mayfest say they are prepared for when bad weather approaches the festival Friday afternoon.

In 1995, about 100 people were hurt when a hailstorm passed over the festival. Now organizers take steps to ensure the crowds stay safe.

There is a warning system for vendors and customers when a dangerous storm is coming. Fort Worth officers and firefighters will also be able to evacuate the park in about 30 minutes if needed.

“Great warning system… we know 45 minutes in advanced of when a storm is coming in so we’re able to take cover and there are plenty of police out here to take care of the customer,” said Bob Beck, a vendor.

The gates at Mayfest open at 3:30 p.m. Friday. The festival runs through Sunday.

FOX 4 is a proud sponsor of Mayfest and will have a booth at the event.