Mavs GM Nico Harrison optimistic Kyrie Irving will return, says 'Jason Kidd's our coach'

The Dallas Mavericks missed the NBA Playoffs and now the league is investigating whether the team violated league rules by deliberately trying to lose. In an exit interview on Tuesday, Mavs General Manager Nico Harrison said this year was "not acceptable."

In one year the Mavericks went from a team that was a surprising participant in the Western Conference Finals to a team that didn't even make the post season.

Among the topics Harrison covered during his news conference: the future of Kyrie Irving. Harrison is optimistic that the team can retain the soon-to-be free agent. 

"I looked at it as a long-term play, not a short-term play. Getting this trade wasn't for three months," he said.

Harrison also said he takes Luka Doncic at his word when he says he is happy in Dallas.


The GM says the team needs to add rebounding and defense in order to improve next year.

FOX 4's Mike Doocy asked Harrison to assess Jason Kidd's performance this year after the team took a huge step back in his second season.

"Listen, Jason Kidd's our coach. If you look at what we did last year no one was like, 'hey is Jason Kidd the coach?'" Harrison said. "I think J-Kidd is the same coach that brought us to the Western Conference Finals, but when you don't reach your goals everybody has to be evaluated. I need to be evaluated, Jason Kidd… we have to sit down and say ‘what could we have done better?’"

Harrison also had a message for fans who were frustrated by the season.

"They should be frustrated. I'm frustrated." he said. "I feel for them, and the only confidence I can give them is we’re going to evaluate everything, and we’re not going to be in this position again."

Dallas Mavericks analyst Brian Dameris will break down Harrison's comments and look back on the Mavs season on Free 4 All tonight at 10:30 p.m.