Marcus HS investigating racist photo involving student

Marcus High School in Flower Mound is investigating the source of a racist message written on a whiteboard. It’s brought outrage and demands for change at the school.

A photo of the message was shared on Snapchat. It shows a white male appearing to point to a racial slur written above a swastika. The photo was captioned, “What’s it like going to Marcus.”

Since then, two additional pictures have been shared, including one that showed a student at a home with a gun.

The high school’s principal sent a note home to parents saying hate speech at the school will not be tolerated. He goes on to say those involved will "face serious consequences" and says he hopes meaningful change will come from our students.

Parents have had meetings with the principal. They say the picture is part of a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

“My daughter was crying she was upset. She was like, ‘Mom, I can't believe this,’” recalled parent Victoria Kiernan. “I can't have her going to school and can't focus because she doesn't feel safe.”

Mia Fuller is a student at Marcus. She says she knows the student in the racist image and is in disbelief.

“He seems pretty chill,” she said. “You'd never think he'd say anything like that or write anything like that.”

Mia’s grandmother, Prophetess Hayden, is often at the school where she is a step coach. She says last year male students called her the ‘n-word’ in the hallway. And she says other students have told her their stories.        

“Some of them were in tears to share that this has been going on in football games, hallways and classrooms for years,” Hayden said. “I'm asking for Marcus High School and all administration as well as teachers and parents and students to let's be the change.”

Marcus High School is also working with student leaders to develop a plan of action for addressing any racial issues on campus. The district declined an on-camera interview.