Many retailers keeping mask policies in place for now despite CDC guidance change

A lot of major retailers are opting to keep mask mandates for now.

There doesn't seem to be a rush by any of them to relax safety policies.

Many of the stores people go to every week have not announced changes based on the new mask guidance so far, saying they are reviewing their policies.

But right now, masks are still required for most places, vaccinated or not. 

Many North Texans said they were excited following the CDC's new guidance on masks, saying it’s safe for fully vaccinated adults to go maskless inside and outside buildings.

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For more than a month, Texas has operated without a mask mandate, leaving the decision to businesses. 

The new guidance was unexpected for many large retailers.

But supermarket chain Kroger responded quickly and said in a statement that "at this time," it will still require masks.

Target corporation told the Reuters news agency it will do the same while it "reviews" the new guidance.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association told Reuters the announcement created ambiguity because it fails to fully align with state and local orders.

It represents large retailers like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot.

"I am honestly over the masks, but it has to be done, there is nothing we can do about it," said Kiara Perry, who is not vaccinated and doesn’t plan to be. 

WalMart, Tom Thumb, and Home Depot did not immediately respond to FOX 4’s request for statements, but they still have mandatory mask policies.

"My personal opinion is, I am fully vaccinated and I am still covering myself, because there is still so much unknown," Syed Alam said.

There is definitely mask fatigue in North Texas. 

But some said they don’t mind still wearing them in stores. 

"It’s hard to tell who has and who hasn’t been vaccinated, so I am sure businesses have their own rules to apply, so I can understand it," Ana Guerrero said.