Man with cerebral palsy beaten, robbed at DART light rail station

A man with cerebral palsy was beaten and robbed on the platform of a DART light rail station on Wednesday.

The man, who asked to remain unnamed, said if it wasn't for the help of a fellow passenger he may have been more severely injured when he was attacked Wednesday afternoon on the platform of the DART Walnut Hill/Denton Station.

"I want it to be safe.  I want people to feel that they can get to where they are going and feel safe,” he said.

The victim, who has cerebral palsy, said the assault happened after he refused to let the attacker use his e-cigarette.

"And next thing I know, I get punched in the face probably as we counted five or six times, at this point I'm on the ground. And he tried to kick me, but I caught his leg,” he said.

The victim says as he was beaten to the ground and robbed of his cell phone, but he was able to get up and get away by jumping on the DART light rail with the help of a fellow passenger. He said a uniformed off-duty DART officer called for help.

The man was taken the hospital, checked out and released with bumps and bruises. 

"I want him caught. And hopefully this is a turning point for him to where he can become a better person,” the victim said of his attacker.

DART has faced criticism in recent years over similar security incidents.

Last spring, the agency beefed up its security on board the trains and announced it would have cameras on all of its light rail by 2020. The platforms themselves already have surveillance cameras, but the agency rarely releases video of suspects -- even with alleged robberies and aggravated assaults.

This case has left the victim looking for other ways to get around for the time being.

Justin Lloyd, the victim's friend, said they want the assailant caught and better safety for riders.

"We want DART to really take a look at their security and not look at this as a bottom dollar but as loyal customers who ride every day and deserve the security that they're advertising,” Lloyd said.

A DART spokesman confirmed the incident, but said DART does not have video or a report available to share.