Man who killed father escapes from North Texas mental hospital

Police are looking for a killer who escaped from a medical facility near the Texas-Oklahoma border.

Alexander Scott Ervin, 29, was committed to the North Texas State Hospital in Vernon, which is about 185 miles northwest of Fort Worth.

The facility said he left his room Sunday night, scaled an 8-foot security fence, and then ran away.

Ervin was acquitted by reason of insanity for stabbing his father to death in Austin in 2013.

According to the Associated Press, Ervin’s brother testified during the trial that he had attacked their father with a pipe wrench and folding knife. He believed his father was an imposter and that he was a trained member of the CIA on a mission to kill his father.

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Police and Ervin’s mother said he should be considered armed and dangerous.

"When he’s off his meds, there’s no telling what will happen. And I’m terrified that he will get hurt. And I’m terrified that somebody in the community will get hurt," said Leslie Ervin, his mother. "He’s still my son and I still will defend him to my dying breath. And I will do whatever I can to make him safe."

Leslie Ervin said she spoke to her son on the phone hours before he escaped. She's upset that he was able to leave and wants answers.

He was not reported missing until the next morning.