Man recalls witnessing brother's murder over parking dispute in Uptown

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The family of a man shot and killed over a parking spot in Uptown Dallas is trying to understand why.

Demondre Green, 29, and his brother were getting ready to get in their car and leave early Sunday morning when they got into a disagreement with a group of people. Keith survived, but Demondre died from his injuries.

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Dallas police have not released any new information surrounding their investigation into the murder. But after hearing from the victim’s brother who was wounded in the attack himself, it appears there may have been as many as four people, the shooter and three others, who took off with the gunman.

Keith Green described the scene as he and his brother, Demondre, tried to back out of a tight parking spot in Uptown Dallas.

"I could see bullets. I could feel bullets,” Keith said. “I could smell bullets."

Keith says as he was spotting for his brother so Demondre could back out carefully, two men and two women taunted Demondre saying he better not hit their car. Moments later, Keith says one man grabbed a gun.

"All I remember is him pulling a gun out and cocking it and shots being fired,” he said. “And at that point after two shots, I'm thinking I'm dead."

Keith says the man opened fire on both of them.

"I looked next to me and I seen my brother laying lifeless,” he recalled. “And I don't want to check his pulse because I don't want to face reality."

Demondre was pronounced dead at the scene. Keith was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds to his chest, arm and ear He is still shocked by the shooting and says he doesn't remember what any of the suspects looked like or what they were driving.

Demondre's older sister, Lacresia Green, is asking anyone in that group to come forward.

“That monster, he needs to be off the streets,” she said. “Please feel some kind of sympathy and turn yourself in."

Family members say Demondre was a father of three young children and planned to get married in July.

"I'm mad,” Lacresia said. “I'm really angry. My brother was an upstanding man."

Some Uptown residents unnerved by the fatal shooting and by the fact no one has been arrested. 

"I think Uptown residents don't necessarily need to be reassured. Maybe they need to be vigilant,” said Councilman Philip Kingston. “And if we do have an uptick in violent crime, then I want a robust response from city hall."

Police collected evidence on the scene, interviewed people and have been canvassing the area for possible videos but so far we have not heard if they have a vehicle description or even a suspect in mind.