Man killed by gunman outside Fort Worth game room on Christmas Eve

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Fort Worth police are looking a cold-blooded killer who murdered a man on Christmas Eve.

The gunman was seen on surveillance video pointing his gun at point blank range and then opening fire outside a game room on Brentwood Stair Road.

The video shows a stunning chain of events that leaves one man dead and a woman who narrowly escaped from being shot.

“You see in the video that there’s no acknowledgment. It didn’t really appear that they knew each other,” said Fort Worth Police Sgt. Chris Britt. “It’s not like a friend-relationship where there’s a lot of conversation. You can see how quickly he does approach and just shoots him.”

The video shows a cold and calculated shooting on Christmas Eve. Police say a man walked up, pulled a gun and fired four to five shots. Detectives say three of the bullets hit 39-year-old Don Spriggs from Arlington. A woman who came with him was also standing there waiting to be buzzed into a game room.

“She actually crosses right in front of him unintentionally while our victim is being shot,” Britt said.

Police say the woman ran for cover along with another man they didn’t know but was also standing in the line of fire. No one else was hurt.

“The public is asked to take a look at that video,” Britt said. “Someone is going to recognize the way this individual walks. His appearance. We also had the photo through the door.”

Police covered some faces in the video they released. But in the original video, you see the victim and the gunman make eye contact seconds before the gunfire.

“There was a general acknowledgment it appears, just as you would see someone in passing on the street,” Britt said.

Detectives believe Spriggs was a target.

“It looks like they were potentially followed to that location. They arrived at the same time.”

Detectives say the suspect left in a black or dark-colored Chrysler 300. Anyone who knows the suspect is asked to call police.