Man held at gunpoint in his Pleasant Grove home driveway

A young man's close call with armed robbers in Pleasant Grove was caught on camera.

The victim doesn't want his face shown, but he says he was approached outside of his home off of Dowdy Ferry Road Wednesday evening by two armed men who pointed a gun at him. A personal dash camera in the victim's truck recorded the suspects.

The victim says he's lucky no one was hurt and nothing was taken. But he says he was distracted and alone and became a target for two would-be thieves.

A young man was washing and fixing up his truck in his driveway after work Wednesday just after 6 p.m. when he was suddenly approached by two men.

“They came up saying, ‘What's good?’ I didn't know what they wanted. They said, ‘Drop it. Give me…’ And at the time the adrenaline rushed because I saw the handgun. I couldn't decipher what they were saying in the heat of the moment,” the man recalled. “And when I saw they had a handgun, I said I'm screwed here. I'm alone.”

The victim says the two tried to grab him, but he didn't have anything to give them.

“I was afraid I was gonna get hurt honestly. I didn't have anything,” he said. “I knew they were going to do something when they saw I didn't have anything.”

But in the moment, he saw his chance and took it. He yelled for help and ran into his house.

“He cocked the handgun so I knew he wasn't ready to use it. That gave me a chance to run and yell for help. That's when they got scared because they saw another witness see them, and they ran off.”

The victim's mother heard him yelling and ran out and watched as the two suspects ran to a nearby getaway car. However, both their faces were captured on camera.

“Saw them run out into the street to the right, and they had a white Ford Fusion waiting for them,” he said. “A driver in it. She didn't see who the driver was. They had paper plates. Took off.”

The entire exchange lasted less than a minute. Dallas police took a report and say no one was injured.

Police have not said if the crime has any connection to a driveway robbery spree late last year that led to three arrests.

No arrests have been made in this case, but the victim is hoping to warn others from becoming victims.

“It's pretty frustrating because they might do it somewhere else to someone else,” he said. “Those people like that shouldn't be in the streets.”

Dallas police have not said if the attempted robbery is related to any other incidents.