Man goes on joyride with stolen ambulance, crashes out

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A man is in jail after crashing an ambulance he stole from an EMT in Fort Worth Wednesday morning.

According to MedStar, a crew was parked near JPS hospital in an ambulance to complete documentation for a recent call. At that point Kenneth Golightly, 29, came to the driver's door, opened the door, and told the driver he was taking the ambulance. The driver didn't initially respond so the male pulled a knife out, pointed it at our driver, and repeated, "I'm taking your ambulance."

The driver stepped out of the truck and let the Golightly have it. He then drove the truck for a few blocks at high speeds and crashed through a fence into the parking lot.

Golightly was apprehended a short distance from the crash scene and taken into custody on an aggravated robbery charge. As of Sunday night, he remains in jail on a $20,000 bond.

No injuries were reported.